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Why Your Content Is Flatlining

You lack a comprehensive content strategy


Your copy is not connecting with your ideal client's pain points


You're trying to do "all the things", and producing subpar content


Your inconsistency is leading to a lack of trust with your audience


Your message isn't clear so you're confusing your readers



To Put It Another Way, Your Current Approach...


Is probably why your engagement is minimal


Why you're spending an obscene amount of time writing content for your business with little return on your investment


Why outsourcing your content writing still hasn't led to the results you're seeking


That's Why I Created

The Content That Converts Academy

When you join the academy, you gain access to content workshops addressing the problems, questions, concerns, and struggles you have related to your business content. 


Each month,  a new comprehensive training related to one component of the content marketing realm will be added to the academy.


Topics include:


  • Writing content for your social media platform of choice

  • Creating content that connects with your audience

  • Converting readers/viewers into clients using content

  • Saving time on the content writing process

  • Hiring a content creator

  • Writing emails to increase conversions

  • Making the best use of video content

  • Developing a content marketing strategy

and more!



These Strategies Changed My Business

Quiana Darden

I remember the first time I booked a client based on a referral from a stranger who followed me on Instagram.  It was then that I knew the content marketing strategy I spent so much time researching and developing was paying off!


You see I'm a full-time teacher and a full-time single mom to a 5-year-old. I don't have the time to invest hours upon hours per week creating content and trying to figure out all things.  When I started my business I knew that  I needed results and I needed them quickly!


My content strategy has been my best friend. It has allowed me to build my business without the use of paid advertising.  I've been given the opportunity to present my knowledge at business conferences and write for prestigious law firms, medical practices, and even TedX speakers.  Each month I spend less than 10 hours creating content for my business and my investment pays for itself every time.  


The strategies I've implemented for myself are what I teach my students within The Content That Converts Academy.


I know I can help you move the needle,

but don't take my word for it

Amber Tichenor​ 

To Be, Coaching & Consulting

Morgan Swanks

Morgan Swanks Studio, LLC

Carrie Sue Casey


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