Blog Topics 101: 9 Ways to Find Engaging Blog Ideas For Your Business

When you create regular blog content, it’s easy to find yourself wondering what to write about next. Thankfully, there are resources you can use to find blog topics that will be engaging, relevant, and interesting to your audience.

Whether you run a blog or post blog posts for your business as a content marketing method to sell your products and services, you can use the 9 strategies listed below to come up with blog ideas. You’ll also find that the topics you use for your blog can be repurposed for your podcast, video content, emails, social media posts and more.

Answer The Public

According to, they allow you to “Discover an untapped goldmine of content ideas.” and that is true.

AnswerThePublic “listens into autocomplete data from search engines like Google then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keyword.”

It truly is a gem when you want to develop content topics for your business.

For example, if I’m looking for content ideas related to the keyword “blog topics,” I can type the keyword into the search bar, and I’m given hundreds of relevant and timely content topic ideas.

AnswerThePublic has a free option, but it is limited. Their paid version is $99/mo.

I recommend that if you want to spend time doing content topic development to create an extensive content idea bank, you might want to consider getting the paid version for the time when you’re doing your research.

Keywords Everywhere

Another great tool to find blog topics is Keywords Everywhere. It’s designed to support search engine optimization (SEO), but I find that it’s also useful for developing content topics.

You can type in a keyword, and it will show you the keyword volume. This lets you know how popular the term is.

For example, the keyword “blog topics” has a search volume of 8,100/mo.

This is helpful information for SEO purposes, but the real benefit comes in the information on the side bar.

You can use the information included under “related keywords” and “people also search for” to add relevant and popular topics to your blog.

Keywords Everywhere has a free and paid version. I initially used the free version, but I eventually upgraded to the paid version because, as a finance and business content marketing writer, I write a lot of SEO blog posts and website content.

For the paid version, you pay based on the number of credits you use, which is how often you search. You can pay $10 to get 100,000 searches. I think $10 is well worth being able to search for 100,000 keywords. Plus, if you use SEO in your blog posts, which you should, this will help you greatly with that component as well.

People Also Ask

I love the “People Also Ask” section on Google. It’s a free and straightforward way to develop content topics for your blog.

When I type “blog topics” in the Google search bar and scroll down, I see this.

Do you see the value in this section? Plus, the more you click on questions, the more pop up. After clicking a few times, I went from 4 ideas to 15.

This section is literally a gold mine!

Amazon Book Reviews

Amazon book reviews can be another great way to find blog topic ideas.

To use this method, you look for a book that’s relevant to your industry. For example, I could look for a book on blogging.

Then look at the reviews. I find it helpful to look at the 3 star reviews first, because they tend to share what they like and what they don’t like.

Use what readers say they like and don't like about the books to spark content ideas.

Industry Conferences

I recently looked at industry conferences to come up with speech topic ideas. I don’t know what took me so long to start using this strategy.

Industry conferences have so many relevant blog topics you can use for inspiration. All you do is go through the speech or workshop topics and see if there’s anything that would be interesting or beneficial for your readers.

So, for instance, Content Marketing World is a major content marketing conference. When I review their speech topics, I’m presented with some great content ideas that I can use as inspiration for a blog post.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can also be a hidden gem for finding blog topics. In case you didn’t know, they’re great in general for connecting with your ideal audience, so if you don’t use Facebook groups, you might want to consider popping in for reasons other than finding inspiration for your content.

The first thing you want to do is find a group that has your ideal audience.

For me, I’d look into a group with business owners since I’m a content marketing writer and strategist for small businesses and corporations.

Pay attention to what others are asking questions about or posting about related to your industry.

You can also use the search feature to type in relevant keywords and sort the responses by date, so you get the most recent posts pop up first. Look at the posts as well as the comments.

While you don’t want to use a group strictly for market research, you can provide value and ask a question that would give you insight into what others are struggling with or need help with related to your industry.

You want to be tactful when writing posts that serve to benefit you. This shows respect to the person who built the audience.

Talk to Your Audience

Another way to get blog topic ideas is to simply ask your audience what they think.

  • Ask your email list what they want to learn about

  • Post on your social media asking what their biggest question is

  • Always include CTAs that allow you to learn more about what they’re going through

  • Keep track of every question you get

  • Keep track of valuable comments you receive

  • On your intake questionnaire for a discovery call ask what problem working together would solve for them

  • On your intake questionnaire, ask them what their goal is. You can reverse engineer content that helps them achieve mini wins on their way to their goal.

Use Your Insights

This is relevant if you work with clients as a service provider, sell digital products, or have a blog that shares about your life and personal interests.

You want to use your insights, data, and knowledge of your audience to develop blog topics as well.

  • Why are they still struggling to achieve their goals?

  • What do they need to live their ideal life?

  • What content topics get the most views, shares, comments, etc.? Look back at all of your emails, social media posts, blog posts, etc. to review this data.

Stay Up to Date on Your Industry

Finally, you can find blog topics by staying up to date on relevant industry trends.

  • Read industry blogs

  • Follow industry authorities on social media

  • Read the news if your industry frequently pops up there or set news alerts so when something relevant to your industry takes place you’ll get a notification.

You Can Create a Steady Stream of Relevant Blog Topics for Your Audience

The best way to come up with content topic ideas is to have a strategy in place. I recommend keeping a content idea bank with at least 100 content topics at any given time. You can refresh your content idea bank every quarter as you create new content for your business.

Whether you use the strategies listed above or you find other ways to create content ideas for your blog, podcast, videos, social media posts or other platforms, you want to stay consistent and continue speaking to what your audience wants and needs.

While you’re planning your blog content, be sure to download my free content planner. It’s a comprehensive resource that helps you keep your business content organized so you can maintain your consistency.

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