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Are you tired of running out of content topics for your blog posts, video broadcasts, podcast episodes, and social media posts?

You're one step closer to creating consistent content that connects and converts

Check your email to download your content planner​.

Before you start developing your content plan, check out the resource below.  I'm sure you'll love it!

I've consulted with many small business owners on content marketing best practices and 3 of the biggest struggles I hear are having a lack of Confidence, Consistency, and Clarity when creating content. 


Get 120 creative and customizable fill in the blank sentence starters and categorized content topic ideas for your business.  

When you download your copy of this resource you can start trading

Confusion for Clarity

Inconsistency for Consistency

Doubt for Confidence


78 Content Starters

You can utilize 78 fill in the blank content topic starters to help you create more content in less time

42 Content Topic Ideas

Use these 42 content topics to spark ideas that will help you create content that positions you as the go-to person in your industry.

Space to Brainstorm Your Topics

As you're reviewing these ideas you're bound to develop a few of your own. Keep all of your content ideas in one spot.

Take a Sneak Peek

This guide includes 2 types of resources.


Get 42 content topic ideas categorized to help you meet various needs within your business. 

The content topic ideas are organized to help you ...

  • Learn more about your audience

  • Share helpful information

  • Build a connection with your audience

  • Give insight into behind the scenes of your business

  • Provide industry resources

  • Share information about the products and services you offer

With 42 different ideas, you have almost enough to create 1 piece of content per week for a full year!


Get 78 fill in the blank sentence starters to help you jump-start your content creation. 

Here's an example of how to turn a simple sentence starter into numerous pieces of valuable and authoritative content to meet various needs within your business

"Simple ways to keep your sanity while launching a new course"

Could turn into a...

  • Blog post

  • Youtube video

  • Facebook live stream

  • Instagram story series

  • Social media post

  • Series of tweets

  • Check list lead magnet

  • Mini ebook lead magnet

  • etc.

If you use 1 sentence starter per week you have more than enough content for a full year!


Quiana has established her authority in content marketing by helping industry experts like Lynette Khalfani Cox aka The Money Coach and multi-million dollar corporations like Elephant Insurance with their content writing and content marketing strategies.

She started out as an educator and with 2 degrees and 7 years of experience under her belt she went from classroom teacher to submitting her resignation letter only 6 months after starting her content writing business. She did so using content marketing as her primary lead generation strategy.

After working with established brands, she began helping small business owners and solopreneurs establish their industry expertise using content marketing.

She has hosted virtual and in-person workshops and trainings on content marketing and through her services she has helped her clients increase their leads, make more money, gain content clarity and increase their industry visibility. 

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