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Content Marketing Makeover

Create a content marketing plan for your personal brand in 60 minutes to boost your clarity, confidence, and consistency

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Your Host

Quiana has established her authority in content marketing by helping industry experts like Lynette Khalfani Cox aka The Money Coach and multi-million dollar corporations like Elephant Insurance with their content writing and content marketing strategies.

She started out as an educator and with 2 degrees and 7 years of experience under her belt she went from classroom teacher to submitting her resignation letter only 6 months after starting her content writing business. She did so using content marketing as her primary lead generation strategy.

After working with established brands, she began helping small business owners and solopreneurs establish their industry expertise using content marketing.

You'll Learn:

How to ensure that each piece of content you create is directly related to helping your business reach its goals

How to figure out the content topics, platform + format that will inspire your audience to take action with your brand

How to position your brand with storytelling to connect with your audience  + establish your authority

How to create a content calendar AND production schedule so you can eliminate your excuses for being inconsistent

How to save time + money with atomic hacks, automation tricks + outsourcing options anyone can afford

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